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Suits Me programme launched in February 2015 in a bid to offer an on-line Account supported by a Debit Card to temporary workers/migrants who [due to lack of residency], would generally not meet the requirements of KYC with High Street Banks. Onboarding, in the main, is through a referral network of Employers and Recruitment Agencies who undertake ‘Face to face’ KYC during which the Agents confirm the identity of the customer via their own employment and right to work checks.

The problem

Migrant workers, particularly those in seasonal employment (Agriculture) find it difficult to obtain UK Bank Accounts. The stringent checks of the traditional High Street Banks (which includes residency and time at a particular address) excludes migrant workers in these industries as they are simply not in the country long enough to qualify for an account.

This means that their employers (Manpower agencies) have a logistical challenge and incur extra cost, in paying employees.

Suits Me, as a value-add provider, were seeking to provide a solution to the agencies that would provide a payment device that could both support the traditional payroll process, and at the same time include the migrant workers with a mechanism that could be used in the UK and in their home country.

Suits Me were keen to ensure that the migrant workers benefited in a cost effective and inclusive way that not only provided them with a full Visa debit card that could be used to transact in-store and on-line, but as the card is also underpinned by an account, allowed the agencies with a very simple mechanism to enable payroll to be paid to their employees.

The solution

Through Contis’ end-to-end platform, Suits Me provide a branded debit card and current account capabilities to migrant workers who have been vetted by Agencies for suitability for employment, are temporarily resident in the UK, and have been referred via an on-line portal.

The current solution is now also being enhanced to take advantage of the rich suite of features and functionalities offered by the Canvas platform. What was originally a very simple ‘money on money off’ programme is expanding to incorporate Direct Debit capability (giving the migrant workers the advantages that paying Direct Debits can bring with such things as paying the Utility Companies. They are also introducing Apps for the first time to extend the reach of their ‘inclusive’ product and give greater control to the Cardholder. In August 2018, via the use of Hooyu, the programme has expanded to include direct applications from the same group.

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