Engage is powered by Contis’ end-to-end payment platform technology. Specifically developed for the Credit Union movement (known for responsible lending and high-interest savings products).

Available only through customers’ local Credit Unions, it offers a full current account (incl. direct debit, standing orders and contactless Visa debit card).

Engage provides access to three core products:

  • Engage Current Account
  • Engage Classic Account
  • Engage Smartcash for Junior Members

 Within its three core products, Engage provides a range of innovative personalised features that help customers manage their finances more effectively including a mobile app, contactless payments, direct debit capabilities, rewards and its award-winning Envelope Facility™ Money Management Tool.


At the heart of Engage’s competitive differentiation is the end to end payments platform on which the proposition is built. The power of this platform allows for the development of innovative functionality which can be built into products. This includes the market-leading Envelope Facility™ enabling customers to ring-fence funds, preventing them from being spent on other things.

Engage has incorporated its budgeting tool into its current account, so a customer is able to ring fence funds to pay the rent or a utility bill and ensure it cannot be spent as disposable income.  When over 80% Universal Credit recipients are in arrears on their home rental payments and 40% of adults have less than £500 in savings to withstand financial shock, Engage’s ability to put funds out of harm’s way is essential. 

Digital Wallet

In addition, using its Visa debit card, Engage is able to provide customers with the ability to make contactless payments alongside direct debit functionality.

This year Engage announced its market leading partnership with Samsung Pay, allowing them to become the first digital wallet provider to offer this functionality to Credit Union members. The technology allows Credit Union members using an Engage current account to make payments using their phone, opening up a key element of mobile banking to the underbanked demographic.


Engage differs from much of the competition as a result of its extensive programme of cashback rewards and incentives which helps customers save money on a daily basis. Based on average card usage, Engage customers save an estimated £375 per year through its rewards programme. The Engage account has over 1600+ online cashback rewards, discounts and vouchers; everything from designer clothes to home improvements.


Contis developed Smartcash specifically for children aged 8 – 16 when they become a junior member of their credit union. Smartcash has been designed to help children & teenagers take control of their finances and help credit unions teach their junior members the importance of money management in today’s increasingly cashless society.

Full parental access and monitoring of the child’s online account ensures safe, responsible spending, whilst the ability to send money direct to the credit union encourages the junior member to deposit into their savings account on a regular basis.

Each Smartcash account comes with a contactless Visa debit card, free mobile app, account and a range of junior rewards and discounts that will save them money on everyday spending as well as high value purchases like games and fashion items


We’re really excited about Smartcash. It’s so important that young people and children understand the concepts of money and how to manage it before they start earning. Giving young people freedom and responsibility to manage their own money at a young age gives them important life skills.

“The fact that it’s contactless means that it’s really important for people on low incomes to get around London when everything is contactless. It gives them the same freedom that it would if they had a bigger income

Michelle Howlin

East London Credit Union

Engage has been able to facilitate us with the latest technology and it has helped us to move from a branch-based organisation to online and mobile so it’s really helped us improve the service we provide to our member

Ravi Ravindran

Lewisham Plus Credit Union

The engage programme is a really useful asset to the credit union, some of our members use it effectively in a current account, as their primary banking account other members use it as an alternative to credit cards so something which provides all of the benefits but without the costs and the dangers of going into overdrafts and expensive debt

Martin Groombridge

London Capital Credit Union

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