Provide market-leading digital payments services_

Seize revenue generating opportunities through plug-in account, payments and cards services

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Provide market-leading digital payments services_

Seize revenue generating opportunities through plug-in account, payments and cards services

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Contis enables UK banks to lead in a crowded field. With the right digital account and payments offer, you can increase market share and recurring revenues. We offer physical and virtual debit cards as well as skinnable apps and portals. This allows all banks to catch up with digital-first players, while bringing the added reassurance of a trusted brand name.

Ensure your customers keep up with the digital payments revolution

Realise revenue opportunities with new payment options 


Broaden your customer offer with market-leading digital account, cards and payment services. Give your customers:

Skinnable mobile app

Online account portal

Budgeting tools

Debit cards and Prepaid cards

Virtual cards

Peer to peer payments

International payments

Automated KYC

Cash deposits via PayPoint 

Over 6 years of cooperation, we’ve felt that people at Contis cared, that we can trust them to find solutions that are beneficial to all parties. We recommend them as a partner that will not leave you when something goes wrong, and that will care for you achieving more, when everything is right.

Vytenis Morkūnas

CEO, Paysera

Contis’ new Carer Banking solution

Carer banking solution

‘Carer Banking’ is a solution to help banks, building societies and other financial institutions take care of their customers using the power of Contis’ eMoney-licensed platform.

According to a recent UCL study, up to 8 million people with conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems may need to isolate for an indefinite time in the UK, let alone the rest of Europe.

‘Carer Banking’ allows nominated carers to safely purchase goods and supplies for these people in a fully controlled, compliant and effective manner – with much lower financial and physical risk.


“Many British banks are powered by legacy infrastructure, making them less nimble and able to deliver what their customers want in this digital banking age.

We can offer “Plug-in Payments”, providing physical and virtual debit cards as well as customer-facing apps and portals. This allows more traditional banks to catch-up with digital-first players, with the added reassurance of their longer trusted organisation status.

Move beyond deposit only services and ahead of your competitors by providing market-leading digital services.”

Neil Delaney

Managing Director of Sales – Contis

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© Copyright Contis Group Ltd 2021. Registered in England and Wales number 06499022. Contis Financial Services Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue eMoney in the UK (Firm Reference Number: 900025) and is a Principal Member of Visa Europe. In the EEA, the accounts and Visa cards are issued by UAB “Finansinės paslaugos „Contis“ who holds the electronic money institution license No. 53, dated 23-07-2019, issued by the Bank of Lithuania, and is a member of Visa.

We are proud to have won some of the most prestigious awards in our industry.

Contis Platform

Embed next-generation payments technology at the heart of your business with our APIs.​​

Build your own solution from the most comprehensive payments platform in the market.​

Consumer Accounts

Offer your customers secure, feature-rich accounts

Cards Issuing & Processing

Choose physical or virtual, debit or prepaid cards

Mobile Payments

More on Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Money In / Money Out

Choose how your customers make and receive payments

Added Services

We have a full-service platform, including KYC, customer services, and fraud monitoring

Developer Portal

Our API Developer Portal has all the documentation and support you need to get started


Faster Payments

Quick transactions through a user-friendly API. Completely scalable and flexible to your organization’s needs


Award-winning paytech. Convert any asset to fiat automatically at point of sale to spend it instantly.

Contis Solutions

Explore how different types of businesses embed Contis’ next-generation payments technology.
We support corporates, banks, fintechs and insurers with award-winning accounts and payments solutions.
Our unique feature-rich proposition can help scale your business, whatever your needs.

By Industry


We offer virtual cards and Faster Payments for instant claims, with greater control and data available for both client and customer


Contis replaces obsolete systems through our real-time, cloud-based platform, and rapidly adds cutting-edge cards and payments services

Building Societies

We work with over 150 Credit Unions and Building Societies to bring secure next-generation banking services to all of society

International Banks

Contis enables international banks to seize revenue opportunities in Europe through payments and cards services


We provide the backbone and licensing for account and card payment functions, getting fintechs to market in record time

Crypto Businesses

We are revolutionising the way the world spends cryptocurrencies. Instantly convert and spend your crypto at point of sale