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Principal Member from Spring 2021

Benefits of adding cards to your business

Whether you’re a bank, fintech or corporate, Contis can take your payments proposition to market. Include a card programme or not, Contis will provide secure frictionless payments.

Physical, virtual or mobile payments allow your business to unleash its true fintech potential


Select from a full suite of cards and brand to your exact taste.


Offer the latest technology, a digital & disposable card to use when the physical card isn’t present


Provide the latest in digital payments. Tokenise your cards and pay directly from a mobile wallet:

Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay

Choosing from the world’s leading card schemes means your business always enjoys the best possible service, whatever choice you make


Always have access to the most innovative features in market


Know you’re always getting the most advantageous commercials for your business


Whatever your card scheme, know you’ll always get market leading customer service

Find more detail on our card products on our cards page

Already live on Visa, Contis’ Andy Patton talks to Mastercard’s Scott Abrahams about the upcoming launch in Spring 2021

Why Mastercard?


Leading Innovation


Click here to watch the full conversation.

Disclaimer: Some of these features are not available for Mastercard programmes yet. All features will be available when the implementation on our platform is fully completed.

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We are proud to have won some of the most prestigious awards in our industry.

Contis Platform

Build your own solution from the most comprehensive banking-as-a-service platform in the market.

Embed next-generation payments technology at the heart of your business with our APIs.

Accounts & Features

Safeguarded, feature-rich accounts – Cardless ATM, budgeting tools, mobile app, etc

Cards Issuing

Visa or Mastercard, physical or virtual, debit or prepaid. Tokenisation, biometric, eco-friendly, and metal cards available

Card Processing

In house, EEA-wide with fully transparent fees with a market-leading 99.99% platform uptime

Payment Rails

Including Faster Payments, SEPA, BACS, CHAPS Direct Debit and Peer-to-Peer payments


Customer support, compliance (KYC, SCA), rewards, fraud management and professional services


Faster Payments

Quick transactions through a user-friendly API. Completely scalable and flexible to your organization’s needs


Award-winning paytech. Convert any asset to fiat automatically at point of sale to spend it instantly.

Contis Solutions

Explore industry-specific solutions and high-impact use cases from our modular Banking-as-a-Service platform.

Rapidly launch account, cards and payments services – whatever your business.

By Use Case

Challenge the Banks

Built on our modular e-money platform, get to market in weeks with next-gen accounts, cards, and skinnable app

Next-gen Crypto Debit Cards

No fees, no card loading, just frictionless instant crypto spending

Ecosystem Payments (P2P)

Keep and reward your customers in your own ecosystem with peer-to-peer payments and incentives

Instant Payments

Use virtual and physical cards or accounts to provide instant loan or insurance payments

Embedded Finance

Almost any business can integrate customer-facing financial services in just a matter of weeks

By Industry


We offer virtual cards and Faster Payments for instant claims, with greater control and data available for both client and customer


Contis replaces obsolete systems through our real-time, cloud-based platform, and rapidly adds cutting-edge cards and payments services

Building Societies

We work with over 150 Credit Unions and Building Societies to bring secure next-generation banking services to all of society

International Banks

Contis enables international banks to seize revenue opportunities in Europe through payments and cards services


We provide the backbone and licensing for account and card payment functions, getting fintechs to market in record time