Contis Cares

Helping the most vulnerable people in society

Founded 12 years ago with the aim of helping the underprivileged gain access to banking services, Contis’ community banking arm now serves over 150 credit unions and their customers.

In this crisis, we are investing in Contis Cares to help more people in need.

The Mission

Access to funds

Provide access to capital for those who need it the most

successful shopping

Help vulnerable people make quick and safe purchases


Provide the benefits of secure, digital account & payments to ALL in society

How we are helping

Contis has been working in overdrive for the last few months to design and build solutions for the most vulnerable in society. Our first three solutions help:


Vulnerable Bank Customers

Successful Shopping

Self-isolating Shoppers

Credit Unions

Credit Union Customers

Carer Banking

‘Carer Banking’ is a solution to help banks, building societies and other financial institutions take care of their customers using the power of Contis’ eMoney-licensed platform.

According to a recent UCL study, up to 8 million people with conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems may need to isolate for an indefinite time in the UK, let alone the rest of Europe.

‘Carer Banking’ allows nominated carers to safely purchase goods and supplies for these people in a fully controlled, compliant and effective manner – with much lower financial and physical risk.


No physical contact

Most solutions post a second card to the customer’s address, requiring a physical handover. ​

However, Contis’ unique approach allows nominated carers to complete an online identity check (KYC) and order the card to their own address if required – safe and secure.​

Instant purchasing power

As well as issuing physical cards to carersvirtual cards can also be connected for online and mobile contactless payments.

Nominated carers can start purchasing immediately, while waiting for a physical card to arrive by post.

Instant payments
secure payments

Fully compliant & secure

With Carer Banking, customers can nominate carers via email who then complete a quick online sign-up process.

There is a much lower risk. No need to share confidential information or have unnecessary physical interactions.

Full transparency and control

Feature-rich programmes can be set up with merchant controls, instant card freeze and spend limits.​

Transaction monitoring is painless and instant, enabled by Contis’ skinnable mobile app.


Carer Retail

Supporting Isolated Shoppers

Some supermarkets and other retailers are currently resorting to potentially risky and clunky workarounds for carers to purchase goods, usually with repurposed gift card programmes.

Our mobile payment and card solution will enable customers to safely allow friends, family and neighbours to shop on their behalf.

Retailers will be able to reward their customers for loyalty, whilst providing the best possible buying experience.

Successful Shopping

Community Banking

Credit Unions

Credit Union Customers

Some credit union customers are among the hardest hit by the crisis.

Our updated proposition allows customers to access both instant loans and order a second card for family and friends to help with shopping.

We believe that everybody should enjoy the benefits of the digital banking revolution.

What’s next? 

We are also developing other solutions and features, including those highlighted below. For updates, please get in touch and follow Contis​ on social media:

sending cash digital

Powering lending and borrowing

As we restart the economy, access to cash has become a significant problem. Lending platforms can play an important role.

Our efficient, high-volume, bolt-on platform means our clients can offer their customers better rates and better protection from fraud.

Bolt-on payment cards, mobile payments, payments apps and rewards schemes will also help customers better manage their funds.


Talk to us

Do you have customers exposed by the current crisis? Let’s have a chat. 

We’d love to help you bring your idea to the market and support your customers. 

“Covid-19 has caused the most extreme change in market conditions in our lifetime. Businesses need to adapt quickly to meet shifting demands – particularly of those whose lifestyles have been most affected.

We’re helping clients change their business models to keep contributing in the new economy. Our new solutions are helping companies get funds safely to those in need, and support vulnerable customers to shop and pay for essentials.”

Andy Patton

Group Chief Commercial Officer – Contis

Helping our customers

Hear from our clients about how they are coping and adapting in a challenging time

morses club logo

Paysera is the longest-operating Fintech company in the Baltics, offering money transfers, currency exchange and payment solutions.

hastee logo

Hastee allows businesses to pay employees on demand. Getting people’s salaries to them when they need it most.

The Engage Account is a superb addition to our member services. It is vital to distributing cash and providing budgeting assistance to members regardless of where they are located. For some time, members have been requesting a digital solution to their banking needs and Engage fulfils this requirement perfectly whilst also helping us to support vulnerable members, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown” [Engage is the community banking arm of Contis Group]

Vicky Morrell

Director, All Flintshire Credit Union

Useful resources


Chat with our Customer Services team

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Credit Union Directory

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Download the NHS app

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Support for small businesses and the self-employed

engage account card

Engage – Ethical banking with Credit Unions

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Government guidance and support for employees during COVID-19


Carer Retail

Carer Banking

The Centre for Social Justice

center for social justice logo

Contis financially supports and is an active member of the Centre for Social Justice.​

Our CEO and Founder, Peter Cox sits on the CSJ Financial Inclusion Advisory Board and is proud to align our mission of social inclusion.​

Our involvement with the CSJ helps us bring additional support to our Credit Union and community banking clients and customers.​

“I believe the most vulnerable in society deserve financial services that work for them. Engage is our solution to help credit unions support vulnerable customers in the digital age. I’m also honoured to work closely with the Centre for Social Justice and help drive financial inclusion.”

Peter Cox

CEO and founder – Contis

Useful features

It’s not just the new stuff that’s making a difference

iphone tap on the app

“Tap on the app”

Our payments platform comes with a seamless, built-in two-factor authentication for payments.

iphone cards screen

Virtual Cards

A digital disposable version of your card. We’re keeping online fraud at record lows as transaction volumes skyrocket.

iphone customer service

Customer Services

Our UK customer services team has maintained market-leading resolution rates despite increased call volumes.

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