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Contis’ end-to-end platform is designed to meet any need. Our account managers are on hand to discuss your business requirements and tailor a solution that’s right for you. Contis can help you innovate, bring new ideas to market and deliver exceptional customer experience.

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Whether you need a complete cards & payments solution or just some of the features, there are many possibilities with our platform. Explore the options with our Configurator.

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White label, highly configurable, end-to-end solution for electronic and card payments.

Buffer allows card transactions to be funded in real-time from a secondary source of your choice, such as cash, credit, crypto, pensions or even insurance pay-outs.

Easy to implement, single payment solutions e.g Faster Payments

Our decision to partner with Contis was based on our absolute confidence in them being the best at what they do. Their technology and easy-to-use platform means our customers will benefit from a reliable and hassle-free, state-of-the-art solution, that others are years-away from delivering.

Pavel Matveev

CEO, Wirex

Why Contis

Contis empowers businesses through market-leading digital and card payment solutions. Always powered by real-time technology and proven, reliable processing. Contis’ end-to-end offering is fully scalable and configurable, providing clients with true choice. 


We have a unique and feature-rich end-user proposition.


You can count on our experience, robustness and track-record of client success.


We deliver instant, cutting-edge account & payments solutions


We provide full back-end and front-end payments services across the UK & EEA


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